Statues & Figurines

Cypress Trees - set of 2 Willow Tree
St. Anne statue 7"
Our Lady of Fatima statue 7"
Infant of Prague statue
Forget-Me-Not Willow Tree Figurine
Angel of Healing Willow Tree Figurine
The Fisherman Figurine
The Carpenter's Apprentice statue 10.75"
You & Me Willow Tree
With My Grandmother Willow Tree
With Love Figurine 5.5"
Wisdom 4.5" Willow Tree
Welcome Here Figurine 5"
We Are Three Willow Tree Figurine
Warm Embrace Figurine 5"
Vigil Willow Tree Figurine
Two Together Figurine 2"
Tree Silhouette Willow Tree
Together Willow Tree Figurine
The Three Wisemen Willow Tree
That's My Dad Willow Tree
Thank You Figurine 5"
Tenderness Willow Tree
Tapestry Figurine 5"
Sweetheart Angel Willow Tree
Surrounded by Love Figurine 5"
Sunshine Willow Tree Figurine
St.Therese statue 6.25"
St.Patrick statue 6"
St.Joseph the Worker statue 10.25"
St. Therese statue 13.75"
St. Therese statue 10"
St. Teresa of Calcutta statue 5.5"
St. Peter statue 10.5"
St. Peregrine statue 4"
St. Paul statue 10.5"
St. Patrick statue 14"
St. Michael statue 7.25"
St. Michael statue 10.25" with drawer
St. Lucy statue 6"
St. Jude statue 4"
St. Jude statue 10.75" w/drawer
St. Joseph the Woodworker statue 17.75"
St. Joseph statue 18"
St. Joseph statue 14"
St. Joseph statue 10.25" w/drawer