"Angels and Saints" by Scott Hahn
"Gift of the Spirit" Crucifix 10"
"Gift of the Spirit" Pewter Crucifix 8"
"Gift of the Spirit" Walnut Crucifix 22"
"Rome Sweet Home" by Scott Hahn
"The Lamb's Supper" by Scott Hahn
10 Commandments Table Plaque
101 Adventures with God
3mm Pink & Blue Baby Rosary
4-pc Figure Set w/Italian Stable Fontanini
8" Men's Stainless Steel Cross Bracelet
Aaron, Shepherd Boy 5" Fontanini
Abalone Comforting Clay Cross
Abalone Comforting Clay Cross Keychain
Abalone Comforting Clay Pocket Cross
Abraham, Villager 5" Fontanini
Abundance Figurine 5" Willow Tree
Adah & Jason, children 5" Fontanini
Adult Hooded T-Shirt - Be Still and Know
Adult Hooded T-Shirt - Limitless
AIR FORCE - St. Michael Pendant
Alexander, Centurion 5" Fontanini
All Things Are Possible Checkbook Cover