The Saints Are Watching Over Me Board Book by Joe Klinker

by St. Patrick's Gifts & Books
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"They're not pretend or make believe. They're real. I know they are."

The desire of every parent and grandparent, to raise happy, secure children who are formed in the faith and grow in holiness so that they may also become saints.

That might be a lot to ask of a toddler's board book, but the simple messages in The Saints Are Watching Over Me -- that saints were real people who loved God, that they came from all different backgrounds, and that they watch over us from heaven -- can be introduced early in life and reinforced again and again as they grow. And, as children connect with the saints, they can begin to strive for sainthood themselves.

These high-quality board books are just the right size for chubby hands to hold, and bright and colorful to attract curious little eyes and minds. Nighttime, quiet time, or any time, this is sure to become a family favorite you'll be reaching for again and again.