St. Joseph New Catholic Bible: New Testament Pocket Edition

by St. Patrick's Gifts & Books
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The Vest Pocket Edition of the New Catholic Bible (NCB) New Testament is a meaningful and compact companion for the spiritual journey. Both the text and the rich explanatory endnotes of this fresh, faithful, and reader-friendly translation are set in readable type. This edition is intended to be used by Catholics for daily prayer and meditation, as well as for private devotion and group study.

The convenient 3¾ x 5¼ format—perfect for pocket or purse—comes in a variety of colors, bindings, and price points.

Noteworthy Features

  • Words of Christ in Red
  • Prayers for before and after Reading Sacred Scripture
  • Prayers for Each Month of the Year
  • Prayers for Every Day of the Week
  • List of the Popes
  • Map of St. Paul’s 3 Missionary Journeys
  • Size: 3 3/4 X 5 1/4