Spiritual Excellence: The Path to Happiness, Holiness, and Heaven by Deacon Richard Eason

by St. Patrick's Gifts & Books

While we commonly develop plans for success in business, fitness, finances, and education, only rarely do we develop strategies for advancing in our spiritual lives.

To address this void, Deacon Richard Eason has prepared this practical and motivational book to help you pursue spiritual excellence and discover the abundant life Our Lord is calling you to experience. This daily guide helps you first identify where you are on your spiritual journey and then pinpoint the specific issues impeding your progress. Best of all, Deacon Eason assists you in developing a personalized spiritual plan and offers you time-tested solutions for overcoming your sins and imperfections.

Holiness is required not only to achieve Heaven but also to achieve happiness in this life. This book will empower you to fly with the angels and soar with the saints so you can live a happier and holier life. As you’re inspired and trained to become an unwavering spiritual champion, you’ll also learn:

  • How you got to this point in your life
  • The specific issues that rob you of happiness and holiness
  • How to overcome doubt and lack of faith
  • How to remain steadfast in suffering, conflict, and adversity
  • The most powerful weapons for restoring your soul to happiness
  • The keys to opening yourself to the gifts of the Holy Spirit

256 pages; Paperback