Liam Lawton - The Best of Liam Lawton CD

by St. Patrick's Gifts & Books

I am delighted to share with you these songs that are part of my own liturgical and musical journey.           

—Liam Lawton

This compilation album from platinum recording artist Liam Lawton contains all of his most inspirational titles composed over the course of the last twenty years. These songs, sung in worship throughout the world, have touched the lives and hearts of so many—providing healing, solace, and hope. Each title is infused with Celtic spirit and illustrates the Liam's sincerity of faith. May the grace and spirit of The Best of Liam Lawton embrace and bless you with peace.


  1. Sing Alleluia
  2. So Longs My Soul
  3. The Cloud's Veil
  4. Rise up
  5. There are Many Rooms
  6. Psalm 95: Sing a Song to the Lord
  7. The Lord is My Shepherd
  8. There is a Place
  9. Where Two or Three are Gathered
  10. Into the Quiet
  11. I Will be the Vine
  12. Far Beyond
  13. Breastplate
  14. In the Quiet