I Love You Forever and a Day by Amelia Hepworth, Illustrated by Tim Warnes

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From the Author-Illustrator duo of the best-selling I Love You to the Moon and Backthis sweet, uplifting story will show a little one just how strong your love is throughout the day and night.

If I could imagine a day just for you,
the sun would be shining; the sky would be blue.
You make me so happy; you make my world bright,
for you are my sunshine--my day and my night.

It's a beautiful, sunny day, and Bear and Little Bear set out for a day full of adventure. They climb trees, sing songs, tell stories, and swim in the river. And at the end of the day, Big Bear carries Little Bear home. A sweet, uplifting companion book by the best-selling duo, Amelia Hepworth and Tim Warnes.