A Gift from Heaven 8" Windchime

by St. Patrick's Gifts & Books
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This beautiful pewter wind chime will bring sweet remembrances of a loved one in heaven with each breeze. Ribbon around the larger heart reads: "A gift from heaven, I am more than a memory, you will feel our love grow, I am forever your angel, somethings you just know". Inside the heart is an elegant and tender reminder of the angel you are honoring. The smaller heart under that reads: "For today, I can share that in Heaven above, God has taken my hand, I am complete, I am love." The other side of the smaller heart can be personalized. (Sorry, we do not provide engraving services.) Comes packaged in it's own gift box and includes the following tender poem. Pewter wind chime is 8" long.

I am more than a memory. You will feel our love grow. I am forever your angel. Some things you just know. For today I can share, that in Heaven above, God's taken my hand, I am complete, I am love. I am with you always. I live in your heart. I speak to your soul. We are not far apart. When you feel a light breeze, Hear the songs the birds sing, Know that I see every smile, Your kindness can bring. I see you building your dreams, With wisdom and grace, And asking His guidance, With each challenge you face.