Words of Jesus for Men Devotional Paperback

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This 392-page paperback by Reikert Botha, provides daily meditations on the words of Jesus, inspiring men to live like their Savior and become all God intended them to be.
Die-cut, folded covers with spot-varnished accents reveal additional Scripture and a compass design that is the defining image and design motif throughout this book. Every page is tagged with the date and features a devotion title, a focal Scripture verse of Jesus’ words, a brief essay for reflection and a closing prayer asking for guidance in applying Our Savior’s words to everyday life. Themes such as right and wrong, Jesus’ example and love are passed on with nuggets of advice, challenges and encouragement.

Daily reflection on these 366 life-giving truths can change lives and guide men—like a compass—around the obstacles to the opportunities waiting on the path of life.

Size: 5” (W) x 7” (H)
Paperback w/Folded Covers
Die-Cut, Spot-Varnished Cover Accents
392 Pages
Scripture Verses (KJV, NIV)
Two-Color Interior
Presentation Page For Gifting