My Other Self: Conversations with Christ on Living Your Faith by Clarence J. Enzler

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Modeled on the fifteenth-century classic The Imitation of Christ, this well-loved Clarence Enzler masterwork helps Christians today hear the voice of Christ. In this powerful book, Christ addresses you personally as “my other self,” urging you to embody his love and compassion for others.

Through a creative dialogue between Jesus and the reader, Clarence Enzler leads you through the journey of the Christian life, beginning with the call to live in friendship with Christ and fulfill his desire. Enzler then examines elements of the Christian life: detachment, virtue, prayer, the Eucharist, and avoidance of sin. Finally, he explores the goal of the journey—a life of union with Christ as his disciple and complete joy with him in eternity.

Each chapter includes short, eloquent meditations on scripture and beautiful prayers, making 
My Other Self ideal as a daily devotional and source of prayer.

256 pages; Paperback