Little Drops of Water Charm - Our Lady of Mount Carmel

by St. Patrick's Gifts & Books

In the 12th century, hermits lived on Mount Carmel and built a church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Soon, many people began to gather and the group was called the Order of Carmelites.

The Order spread throughout Europe, including England. There, in a time of persecution, St. Simon Stock knelt down to pray. As he prayed, Mary appeared to him holding the Baby Jesus! She handed him the brown scapular, a loose piece of cloth similar to an apron. She told St. Simon that the scapular was a sign of her love and protection for the Carmelites. Mary also promised that anyone who wore the scapular would be kept safe from danger. After the apparition, the problems the Carmelites faced disappeared! Many miracles have happened to those who wear the brown scapular. It is a sign of love, trust, and dedication to the Blessed Virgin Mary!