Burgundy Faux Leather Journal with Celtic Cross

by St. Patrick's Gifts & Books
This Burgundy Slimline Faux Leather Journal with Celtic Cross draws attention to the cross that has been at the center of Christian iconography for centuries. The rich burgundy slimline journal is heat-debossed with a timeless Celtic cross, filled with intricate weaving patterns. This pattern —known as the “everlasting knot”— captures a classic and antique Celtic aesthetic.

The front cover of the journal displays, along with the cross, a border design with additional weave-patterned flourishes at the corners. The flexible and soft faux leather journal is colored a deep, ruddy umber to complete the ancient Celtic style of the journal. The pages are gilt-edged in gold. Jesus directs every disciple to “take up his cross and follow me” in Matthew 16:24, and the decorative cross on the cover of this journal is a reminder of that responsibility. 
This slimline Celtic-themed faux leather journal contains 240 lined and gilt-edged pages for jotting down notes, thoughts, and prayers. A ribbon is attached at the spine to serve as a page marker. The time-honored design makes this journal fitting for any Bible study or church service, and the slim size of the notebook is convenient for shelves and book bags. This journal will be a thoughtful gift for a father, uncle, cousin, or friend on Father’s Day, Christmas, or a birthday.
  • Smooth Faux Leather 
  • 240 Lined Pages 
  • Gilt-edged Pages 
  • Flexcover 
  • Attached Ribbon Marker 
  • Size: 8.6" x 6.1" x 0.8" (218 x 155 x 20mm)